Susannah’s World, and the Interaction Between Worlds

So I’ve covered Eddie and Jake, but what about Susannah? What world does she come from?

It’s not always easy or obvious to tell. I initially thought she must come from a different world to Eddie and Jake because my (faulty, as it turns out) memory told me Susannah told Eddie that Co-Op City (in her where) was in The Bronx. And in the meantime the Tet Corporation is founded with Susannah’s beloved Moses Carver, in Keystone World. This all suggested that perhaps Susannah was from the Keystone World.

But then, what about Jack Mort? Jack “interacts” with Susannah on at least two occasions that we know of, but also with Jake. So is Susannah from Eddie and Jake’s worlds too? It all starts to become very confusing.

The key clue that points directly to Susannah’s world being different to ours is that she is pushed in front of the A train at Christopher Street station. It was pointed out to me on the awesome Dark Tower Facebook group that New York’s A train does not pass through Christopher Street station – at least, not in our world. Not in the Keystone World. In Book II we hear this when Roland has possessed Jack Mort’s body: –

“Mort’s right hand moved the lever by the wheel again and they rolled towards the Christopher Street station where that fabled A train had cut off the legs of a woman named Odetta Holmes some three years before.”

But to add to the confusion, in Book VI we have a scene where Susannah is trapped in her dogan and begins to have “a savage dream filled with savage news”. And a version of herself (with the voice of Detta Walker) comes to her in this dream and says, about her legs,

“They goan be cut off by the A train! That fabled A train! Man named Jack Mort goan push you off the platform in the Christopher Street Station!”

and she replies

“The A train doesn’t stop there. It’s never stopped there.”

What does this mean? When Susannah is in her dogan within Susannah/Mio, they are in Keystone New York. Does being there mean Susannah somehow knows that, at least in this where, there are differences between the worlds and that this is one of them? Or does it mean that only the Detta side of her believes that the A train passes through Christopher Street station but the Odetta side knows better? I feel that the first quote above – provided by our wordslinger Stephen King – is the clearest indication that Susannah’s world is not our own. The “dogan” experience, while interesting, just adds confusion.

That then raises the question – is Susannah’s world the same as Jake’s and Eddie’s? I cannot find any indication one way or the other. They may all come from a world where the A train passes through Christopher Street station and Co-Op City is in Brooklyn, or they may all come from different yet very close worlds, where these are the only differences.

I recently found the following quote (from Book VI) which indicates that at least Eddie believes that he and Jake come from the same world. Eddie is musing: –

“It occurred to him briefly that since this world [Keystone Earth] was different from the one in which he and Jake had grown up – the world of Claudia y Inez Bachman instead of Beryl Evans – that maybe the big computer genius here wouldn’t be Bill Gates;”

The absence of Susannah’s name here is telling: it implies that Susannah’s world is different from Eddie and Jake’s. But without further evidence one way or the other, I have now grouped Susannah, Eddie and Jake’s world into the same “world block” in the time line, and labelled it “Susannah, Eddie and Jake’s World(s)”.

Finally, Susannah’s time line provides another example of common characters from different versions of Earth interacting with the ka-tet. Susannah tells her companions of Moses Carver from her world. But the Moses Carver that forms the Tet Corporation is from the Keystone World. Yet Keystone Moses knows of Susannah and is persuaded to come on board with the crazy scheme presented to him by John Cullum. So two versions of Moses appear on the time line, with a dashed line showing that they are connected, even across the world boundaries.

Long days and pleasant nights to you all,


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