Don Callahan’s World (updated 21 July 2017)

Pere Callahan’s story starts before the events of Salem’s Lot – a book that I have yet to read – and so most of what I have gleaned from this time in his life is through “The Priest’s Tale” from Book V. I also found some additional information through the Dark Tower Wiki and other internet resources. I have covered a few of the key events in the time line based on this information, leading up to his travelling over the foot bridge beneath the George Washington Bridge, and arriving in the other-world town of Leabrook.

Up to this point it might be tempting to assume the Pere is from Keystone Earth. However, as far as I am aware there is no Jerusalem’s Lot in our world! So I have grouped all of Callahan’s early travels into a single “world block” that I have labelled “The Pere’s America”.

I have represented Callahan’s travels through the Highways In Hiding as multiple random jumps between levels, as shown in the image here.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 2.14.03 PM

Since each version of America is very nearly the same it seemed reasonable to represent them all in this way, but of course there is insufficient detail to know exactly how he ventured from level to level. You recall that he leaves the Highways to return to New York and visit Magruder.

It is at this point in his story that he is attacked by the Hitler Brothers. This provides us with another indication of how characters from different worlds might interact. I have assumed that Eddie’s interaction with Tower in the Keystone World in 1977 might have triggered their actions [Edit: it definitely is! See below]. Eddie himself muses on the same idea: –

“In the next couple of years, one of these men – probably Tower – would buy a ring with the words Ex Libris carved into it. Maybe – how crazy was this – because Eddie Dean himself had put the idea into Cal Tower’s head. And Tower – selfish, acquisitive, miserly, book-greedy Calvin Tower – would save Father Callahan’s life while that ring was on his finger. He was going to be shit-scared (Deepneau, too), but he was going to do it.”

So did Eddie’s suggestion that Tower buy the ring somehow put into motion the very act of saving Callahan? It is not made clear in the text exactly how Tower and Deepneau end up being in the right place with the right equipment at the right time. [Edit: yes it is! Thanks to the friendly people at the Dark Tower community on FaceBook I have located the passage where this happens, as follows …

When Roland and Eddie meet up with Tower and Deepneau at the house near East Stoneham, Roland is taking Tower aside for a private talk. Eddie says to Roland

“Don’t forget that Tower and Deepneau have an appointment at the Turtle Bay Washateria, four years from now.”

So Roland definitely conveys this information to Tower and Deepneau, and that is how they know to save Callahan 🙂 ]

What this means is that there is an interaction between these Keystone world versions of Tower and Deepneau that ultimately ensure that the versions of them in Callahan’s world come to his rescue.

The final thing about the Pere’s time line of interest here is that after dying (the first time), passing through the Waystation, passing through the Unfound Door with Black 13, and living a while in Calla Bryn Sturgis, he ultimately visits Keystone Earth to help our Ka-Tet. He travels to 1977 to retrieve the zip code of where Tower and Deepneau have gone vacationing. He also visits the New York Public Library to find out exactly where that location is (East Stoneham), and he then visits East Stoneham to leave them a note.

And it is because of these visits to Keystone Earth in 1977 that we know conclusively that the Pere cannot be from Keystone Earth – because if he had been, then all his time line up to 1983 (apart from his forays into the Highways in Hiding) would have been in the Keystone world, and he would then be unable to travel to 1977.

Long days and pleasant nights folks.



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