Chris is interviewed by the boys at Dark Tower Palaver

So last weekend, after much to-ing and fro-ing, I finally touched base with Tadd and Peter from the Dark Tower Palaver podcast – a show that I have been listening to since early 2016 and which I can thoroughly recommend to any Tower Junkies out there.

They were kind enough to allow me free reign to dominate their final show of 2017, and so we talk about my introduction to Stephen King’s work, my inspirations about the Timeline Project, and also lots of side-tangents about the books and the movie … and the time line of course! The result can be listened to on any of your pod catching software, or else here: –

They also have a YouTube channel which you can find here: –

although for some reason the episode in question (Episode 49) is not currently listed, but that may change. Anyway, by using YouTube you get to see excerpts from the Timeline that we are talking about in the show, amongst other things, so that could be interesting.

So if you’ve got a spare two hours to listen to three Tower Junkies geek out about all things Dark Tower, go then …

Long days and pleasant nights,



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