Eddie and Roland in East Stoneham

The name of the blog is “charting the tower”, and not by coincidence. This latest chart is but a sub-section of a larger work of “charts” that should become available soon. This bit shows details of Eddie and Roland’s trip to East Stoneham and surrounds, in 1977.


I love it when authors include real world places in their stories, but invent fictitious locations within that reality. Stephen King does this to the extreme within the Dark Tower books, and so I have been exploring these journeys, and recreating them as best I can from the text.

For instance, did you know that many of the locations mentioned in Song of Susannah are real places in Maine? Fryeburg, Bridgeton, Stoneham, Sweden, Lovell, and others are all real places. Route 93 (“The Bog Road”) actually exists and you can take it from Bridgton to Lovell as a back road! Kansas Road, where Stephen King’s Bridgton Ranch is set, is a real road heading south-east (on the path of the beam) from Bridgton. Route five exists. Lots of other places mentioned actually exist.

But some places don’t. For instance the real Route 7 in Maine is nowhere near this part of the state. But we are told enough about its Keystone Earth location to know that it passes from East Stoneham to Lovell, and that Turtleback Lane extends off it near Lovell.

East Stoneham is fictitious, however, it is on Route 5, and is presumably east of Stoneham, so I have put it where I have on my map. The path from the East Stoneham General Store to Keywadin Pond is along the path of the beam, and therefore the Pond must be south-east or north-west of the Store. Fitting all the other clues together, I found that Keywadin Pond fits best if it is north-west of the General Store, and Cullum’s boathouse is just on the other side. The cabin on Rocket Road, where Eddie and Roland meet with Tower and Deepneau, is north of the Store as there is a reference to the aftermath of the ambush being to the south of the Cabin. On arriving from his book-buying, we are told

“Tower looked briefly south, at the smoke in the sky, then shrugged and started for the cabin.”

By piecing all the information I could find together, I was able to come up with the map shown above. More to come!

Long days and pleasant nights,



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