Jake enters Mid-World … Twice

One of the heroes of our story, and a personal favourite of mine, is Jake Chambers. He has the unfortunate experience (SPOILER ALERT!) of dying a total of three times throughout the Dark Tower story. Today’s chart details his exploits in his version of Manhattan and Brooklyn as he is first pushed in front of on-coming traffic, and then not pushed … and having the nightmarish experience of reliving his own death without actually dying.


It is fairly easy to identify the locations of Jake’s apartment, his school, the Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind, and of course the Vacant Lot – although details of which side of the road these locations are on are scarce. For the 2nd Avenue locations I have followed Robin Furth’s guidance from her Complete Concordance (although I suspect she just chose a side and went with it. I did find one reference that implied that sun was shining into the bookshop in the morning which would put it – and everything else – on the west side of the street. However, I decided to be consistent with Ms Furth’s work instead and marked them on the east side.)

In the lower image I had do do some creative construction, since our world, like Keystone Earth, has Co-Op City in The Bronx (as I keep mentioning!) but Jake’s has it in Brooklyn.

The path I have shown for Jake’s meandering walk to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is obviously made up, but it is approximately the correct length for the time period specified. Then at the hot dog stand there is in fact a subway station just around the corner, and from there a train can be boarded to Brooklyn and it takes approximately the correct time to get there which is nice.

Brooklyn Avenue exists, although the actual subway station is a block further east in our world. I have then pieced together the information from The Waste Lands to put together a possible arrangement of Castle Avenue, Markey Avenue, and Rhinehold Street. Jake finds his way to the Majestic Theatre where he meets and follows the Dean brothers ultimately to the Dutch Hill Mansion. From here, of course, he re-enters Mid-World through a violent re-birthing experience with Roland and Eddie acting as midwives.

These charts are all part of a compete poster that will be available in the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy.

Long days and pleasant nights,



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