The Ka-Tet and The Stand

One of the more bizarre aspects of Roland’s journey through The Dark Tower is in Book 4, where Blaine the Mono punches through reality somewhere on its path from Lud so that our heroes up in Topeka … in the world of The Stand.

The Stand is one of Stephen King’s most iconic (and epic) stories, with dozens of characters travelling all over the continental US to end up at two focal points – Boulder and Las Vegas. I love the idea that, somewhere in between all the complex journeying and goings-on of The Stand, or else some time afterward, Roland and his ka-tet pop up in Topeka and travel down I-70 towards Missouri, before encountering the palace from The Wizard of Oz!

After some discussions on The Dark Tower Facebook community I was inspired to continue Charting The Tower in the world of Captain Trips. After all, the ka-tet visit this version of America on their way to the Tower, so it is only reasonable that I map out everything we know about that world and the journeys that take place there.

To this end, I have created another map, depicting journeys from The Stand. (Text continues below the image)

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 5.22.16 PM

The main travels I have mapped out are from Stu, Larry, Fran and Harold, Nick, Trashcan Man, and of course everyone’s favourite villain: Randall Flagg. As with the Maine and New York aspects of the journey to the Tower, there are many places that exist in our world, and some more fanciful ones that only appear to exist in the world of Captain Trips. The township of Shoyo where Nick commences his journey for instance; or else Arnette Texas, where we first meet Stu Redman. But there are enough clues given in the novel to allow me to make a reasonable estimate of where these locations are.

Two of the biggest leaps of faith I have taken are with the main car journeys in the story, by Charles Campion and his ill-fated family, as well as Larry’s road trip across the entire continent from Malibu to New York. All we know of Campion’s journey is that he travels east across Nevada, passes through Salt Lake City, and ends up at the gas pumps in Arnette, East Texas. Larry’s road trip is even more obscure, with only a start and end point to go on. In both cases I have mapped a reasonably direct route between the various locations, this being the best I can do under the circumstances.

I’ve created a high resolution A2 poster that can be purchased at my shop

or else you can download a screen-optimised version (1920×1080 pixels) from Imgur

Imgur desktop image

Please enjoy my newest effort in Charting the Tower!

Long days and pleasant nights,



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