The Gunslinger (1982) – my review

I've just finished my first read of the original (not revised) version of The Gunslinger (1982). I have previously read the revised version (2003), and listened to the audiobook of the revised version many times so I feel I know that one well. Here are my thoughts about this wonderful book. Note: SPOILERS AHEAD! First … Continue reading The Gunslinger (1982) – my review


Under The Dome – my thoughts

Hi fellow Junkies,   SPOILERS AHEAD for Under The Dome!! So this is not at all Dark Tower related, but I thought I'd share this one with you all as I very much enjoyed this book and the ideas that I think Stephen King was attempting to address in writing it. I recently finished listening … Continue reading Under The Dome – my thoughts

Maps of Mid-World and the Multiple Americas – a new chart

Hile gunslingers, so I have finally completed, organised, and released the official ChartingTheTower Maps of Mid-World and the Multiple Americas! (text continues below image ...) This map is much closer to what I originally imagined when I started working on the time line. I had planned on having a map of Mid-World in the middle … Continue reading Maps of Mid-World and the Multiple Americas – a new chart