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The Ka-Tet and The Stand

One of the more bizarre aspects of Roland's journey through The Dark Tower is in Book 4, where Blaine the Mono punches through reality somewhere on its path from Lud so that our heroes up in Topeka ... in the world of The Stand. The Stand is one of Stephen King's most iconic (and epic) … Continue reading The Ka-Tet and The Stand

Maps of Mid-World and the Multiple Americas – a new chart

Hile gunslingers, so I have finally completed, organised, and released the official ChartingTheTower Maps of Mid-World and the Multiple Americas! (text continues below image ...) This map is much closer to what I originally imagined when I started working on the time line. I had planned on having a map of Mid-World in the middle … Continue reading Maps of Mid-World and the Multiple Americas – a new chart